Lee & Bronski offers 450 housing units in a townhouse community project in San Marcos, TX. 
Their prices range from ~€380,000 (for 172.00 m²) to ~€443,000 (for 201.00 m²).

San Marcos, located along the interstate highway 35 (between Austin and San Antonio), approximately a 35-minutes drive from downtown Austin and a 45-minutes drive from downtown San Antonio, is part of the Greater Austin Metropolitan Area.

Population of the city of San Marcos is growing rapidly. Over a span of 20 years (between 2000 and 2020), the population of San Marcos almost doubled (from 35,000 to 68,000 residents). The population growth in San Marcos over the past 10 years has exceeded 50%, which is a much faster growth rate than the average for the entire USA (+7.4%), as well as for the state of Texas (+15.9%), including the city of Austin (+33%).

In the Austin Metropolitan Area, a new American tech hub is emerging. Silicon Hills is set to become the new, upgraded version of Silicon Valley. The current housing prices in the Austin Metropolitan Area are only 1/3 of that in the Silicon Valley (California) with huge potential for growth in the long term. 

There is a vast demand for renting houses. At present, only 28.8% of the residents choose to hold their own properties, and more than 70% of residents choose to rent houses. Due to the close location of the Texas State University (7 minutes' drive), there is a high demand for rental apartments from students (there are 33,000 students studying in the Texas State University), and young professionals.

The project assumes the construction of a townhouse community consisting of a total of 450 housing units (3/4/5/6 townhouses for rental and operation as a whole), including commercial facilities, and a natural lake with an area of 1.83 acres.

Construction area of 172-201 square meters, and potential monthly rent is $2300 for 3 bedroom townhouse, and $2500 for 4 bedroom townhouse. There are also 6 single villas left, with a housing type of 3B2B or 4B3B (and with double garages), located in the southeast or downtown, which are loved by middle-class families.

Our project is adjacent to a plot that has been sold to Sueba USA, a well-known developer of high-quality multifamily housing, for the construction of 324 high-end apartments.

Available townhouses:

    TH 1   TH 2  
Floor   GF+1F   GF+1F  
Rooms   3   4  
Area [m²]   172.00 m2   201.00 m2  
Terrace   -   -  
Price   ~ €380,000   ~ €443,000  

Buy a townhouse worth €380,000 with permanent ownership, with a down payment of US$157,500, to cover the loans with rentals, and enjoy an annualized return on investment (IRR) of above 15%!

- Kitchen is equipped with electrical appliances: double-door refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave oven and integrated all-in-one induction cooker and oven.

Be a landlord in the USA and rent your house for 3 years! We focus on tenant seeking and screening to ensure a high occupancy rate for your home. We also manage timely rent payments, and solve any tenant issues within 24 hours.

After 3 yrs renting period, we provide flexible “EXIT mechanism”:

1. RENT Renewal. After the end of the 3-year renting period, you can renew the lease with us, and enjoy the renting right with the net revenue without any house holding costs.

2. SALE your house. You can directly exit and sell the house to large institutions. High-quality assets with stable cash flow after several years of operation are favored by large investment institutions, who will pay a premium for purchasing. Find a local agent to list for sale, or entrust us to sell your house. Houses with cash flow rental agreements are easy to sell in the market.

3. SETTLE DOWN in the US. For customers who want to settle down in the United States, they can choose to take their houses back after the renting period, take care of their own houses or manage and operate the houses by themselves.

4. We REPURCHASE your house at the original price. Customers who only want to earn stable rental revenue with low risk can choose to sign an original price repurchase agreement with us when buying the house, so that we can repurchase the house at the original price without taking any risks by our client.

**This price offer is presented for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Article 66 point 1 of the Polish Civil Code.



  • Completion year: 2024
  • No. of rooms: 3
  • Baths: 2
  • Garage:
  • Floor: GF+1F