Lee & Bronski still offers 8 apartments of different sizes on the prestigious boulevards in the centre of the city of Wroclaw. The apartments range from ~€215,000 (61.96 m²) to ~€495,000 (115.33 m²).

Luxurious apartments in the very center of Wroclaw

The investment of Księcia Witolda 46 is a quiet place in the city center with numerous cafes and restaurants at your fingertips. Luxurious apartments made in modern technology, well-thought-out construction and with various sizes represent a new standard. The high-quality materials used to create this extraordinary place have been adapted to the status of the location and the needs of future residents. The balance with nature is ensured by the ubiquitous greenery and creepers that constitute a living curtain between balconies.

A few available apartments:

  Apt 1 Apt 2 Apt 3 Apt 4 Apt 5
Floor 5 6 4 9 9
Rooms 3 3 3 3 3
Area [m²] 61.96 m2 70.38 m2 70.40 m2 117.87 m2 115.33 m2
Price €211,000 €240,000 €215,000 €490,000 €485,000

A stunning view of the Old Town

The location of the building in the traditional part of the Old Town at the junction of the Wrocław Market Square and the left-bank part of the Oder, as well as large glazed spaces and terraces allow an uninterrupted view of the breathtaking panorama of the city and the river.

Access control, resident club and much more

Bearing in mind the importance of the sense of security, the building will be professionally protected and the selected storeys will have access control. The person you do not expect will not appear on your floor. Ideal conditions for integration will be provided by a separate zone, available to each resident, which is also a club and gym, where you can spend time together or organize a meeting with friends without having to move away from your place of residence.

A great investment

The location of the investment in the very center of the city makes it not only a comfortable place to live, but also a profitable capital investment. Property values ​​are growing year by year, ensuring that your property is secured. Nowadays the real estate market is the surest investment of funds.

**This price offer is presented for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Article 66 point 1 of the Polish Civil Code.

Wroclaw: "Driven by knowledge and people" (Report) Wroclaw: "Investing in Industry 4.0" (Report)
Wroclaw: "A City with Prospects (PwC Report)" Wroclaw: "AI Sector in the Agglomeration" (Report)



  • Completion year: 2022
  • No. of rooms: 2
  • Baths: 1
  • Garage:
  • Floor: 5